Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mourning and Dancing

So, I'm not a chef or baker by any stretch of the imagination. I enjoy both cooking and baking though! Ok, maybe I just love food. I love hamburgers and take out chinese food. I love ice cream and cupcakes. And chocolate. Oh... chocolate. So you can imagine the intense mourning I went through upon learning I am allergic to wheat, sugar, and maybe even dairy. I cried a few times. I pouted watching friends eat beautiful, powdered-sugar-covered beignets in New Orleans. It is certainly not easy keeping a diet like this, and I don't admit to being rigidly saintlike- I cheat sometimes. Gasp. But over the past few weeks I have really come to love the challenges this diet brings, and finding new foods I can eat, and experimenting with different versions of the beloved classics like cupcakes and cookies. My amazing better half of a husband got me the Babycakes cookbook for Christmas and ever since then I've been on a roll, and consequently, leaving piles of dirty dishes in my harried wake. I decided to start a blog to document different recipes I try.. failures and successes, as well as resources for others of you still in mourning over new diets (you'll dance soon). Luckily there are SO many different options for meals other than just munching on spinach leaves like a rabbit. And, to make the situation even less dismal, we have AGAVE NECTAR! Agave nectar has literally preserved my sanity. Well, more recipes and things to come. And so begins this madness. xo Sarah

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  1. My wife, Erica, makes the most amazing gluten free food ever (and I don't just say that because she's my wife!). She found out about her intolerance about 3 years ago, and has perfected some really great recipes. Check out her blog at